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GMOs are protected at the expense of beekeepers

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19 janvier 2014

The European Parliament voted this week on the proposed revision of EU rules on honey. The MEPs voted in favor of the Commission’s proposal which does not require the presence of GM pollen in honey to be indicated on the label.

José Bové together with Sandrine Belier criticize the vote as follows :

« Since the introduction of GMOs in our fields, many concerns exist regarding the future of bees and honey. The use of GMOs also entails the use of pesticide which is an unfavorable agricultural model for the welfare of bee, for beekeepers, for farmers and for consumers. The later being clearly opposed to the presence of GMOs in their food.

Following the 2001 judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union which requires that honey containing GM pollebee and white flowersn is labeled as such, the European Commission has preferred to present a revision of the Honey Directive getting around the labeling by a semantic trick defining GMO pollen as a natural constituent of honey. The Greens the European Parliament worked together with associations and industry professionals to reject this hypocrite proposal.

Yet , a majority of MEPs denied that honey is labeled properly by accepting the proposal from the Commission. Hiding the contamination of honey by GMOs to consumers it is GMO producers who are the winners and not beekeepers who want to produce honey without GMOs. It is unacceptable that the EU refuses to European beekeepers the same protection available to farmers facing crop and contamination by GMOs. »