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Reaction to arrests at Brussels TTIP protests

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16 mai 2014

The police have used water-cannons and arrested protesters at a peaceful anti-TTIP demonstration in Brussels on the occasion of the Brussels Business Summit.

Speaking about the arrests José Bové said, “I am truly outraged by the taking into custody of large numbers of activists protesting against the TTIP.”

“It is not peaceful activists that should be stopped from expressing their opinion – the behind closed-doors negotiations of TTIP should be stopped. This morning in Brussels we saw an antidemocratic attempt to stop citizens from expressing their concerns about the dangers of TTIP for European citizens. Citizens should have the right to free speech and to express their opinion even if it is not to the taste of the industrial lobby. European leaders should stop serving the interest of business instead of that of the general public.”

The protest, which brought together Greens and members of civil society, aimed to bring attention to this far reaching trade agreement that threatens to undermine European health, labour and environmental standards, and which is being negotiated in secrecy.