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The European Commission must review its seed legislation

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11 février 2014

The European Parliament’s agriculture committee today voted in favor of a resolution rejecting draft EU legislation on seeds and seed marketing. This proposal is under discussion since 2013.

The European Commission wanted to clarify and simplify the regulation and management of the seed sector- area of particular importance for the future of the agriculture sector and therefore also for food. The five regulations proposed as an alternative to the dozen former directives do not realize this objective, in particular the proposal for a regulation on the production and marketing of seed which was rejected.

On the one hand, the concentration of the seed market remains unchanged and controlled by a handful of multinational companies. Several criteria adopted by the European Commission favored the promotion of dependent industrial seeds fertilizers, pesticides and genetic biotechnologies. On the other hand, the choice of the European Commission to develop the sector « niche » for farmers and small businesses were not sufficient to allow for real progress . Indeed, the exchange of know -how between farmers and participatory research in the service of the defense of crop biodiversity and a healthy and quality food should be developed.

We hope the vote will be confirmed when Parliament votes as a whole and that the Commission will respond in the shortest possible time with the a version of this text or a new text taking into account the criticisms expressed by Parliament.