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EP calls for binding EU climate and energy targets for 2030

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5 février 2014

The European Parliament today adopted a report setting out the EP’s position in the debate on the EU’s climate and energy policy to 2030. With the adaption of the report the European Parliament has today sent a clear signal to EU governments : binding 2030 targets for renewables, energy efficiency and greenhouse gases are an essential bedrock for any EU policy.

Coming just weeks after the weak proposals from the European Commission, today’s vote should reorient the debate and give EU governments a mandate to take the right decision when they consider the 2030 roadmap at their March summit : 2030 is clearly the next crucial milestone for European climate and energy policy.

Today, EU member states are falling short of meeting the non-binding 2020 energy savings target. This mistake should be rectified and we need an ambitious and binding 2030 target for reducing energy consumption by up to 40%. We now hope EU governments will recognize today’s vote !

The EU should not repeat the mistake made with the lack of ambition in its 2020 greenhouse gas reduction target as this has undermined the effectiveness of overall climate policy and key instruments like the emissions trading scheme. Although to this end, we should be aiming for a 60% reduction by 2030, which various scenarios have made clear is possible with ambitious policies on energy efficiency and renewable energy, unfortunately the majority of the MEPs today voted to endorse the weak 40% target proposed by the Commission. Still the endorsement of 40% by the EU governments is a clear step forward.