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Lobbying in the name of GMO

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7 mai 2014

“In a democracy, the defense of the public interest comes before those of a business”, José Bové commented on the newly published report of the non-profit organization GeneWatch. Accordingly, the extent to which foreign GM companies have muscled their way in to Government departments, developing a cosy relationship with ministers, is shocking. Dr Helen Wallace, Director of GeneWatch UK said “Ministers and officials are not acting in the public interest but colluding with the industry to push ahead with commercial plantings of RoundUp Ready GM crops and undermine EU safety laws”.

“European consumers have the right to know what their food is composed of and where it comes from” José Bové said. “We have been consistently fighting for a GMO-free Europe, we oppose genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) in food and farming. Just recently the National Assembly in France banned the cultivation of GMO maize after the Senate has voted in favour of the law (172/143). Italy also just confirmed it´s GMO-free stance, after rejecting an appeal filed against a decree banning the planting of genetically modified maize, MON810. I will continue to lead the fight for GMO-free EU, and I will continue to fight for our consumer rights, lobbying in the name of GMO neglects transparency and independence.”

GeneWatch has released documents in the run up to a decision by European environment ministers on whether to allow pro-GM countries to go ahead with commercial plantings, despite opposition from other member states. The documents show how officials have collaborated with the GM industry in order to allow GM cultivation to be pushed ahead and promoting GM on behalf of industry as part of the Government’s Agri-Tech Strategy, which gives industry control over research and development investments.